Technology is awesome! Even though we take most of it for granted taking into account that we use most of these things every single day, the technology available to us is nothing short of amazing. Here is a list of very real and amazing pieces of technology that would have fit well in a science fiction novel. 

Automated homes

Getting your breakfast made automatically is a dream we all have and it’s not that far off into the future. Thanks to av over ip which is both real and affordable automating your home can be a dream that you will be able to fulfil. Apart from that artificial intelligence systems used in homes make life so much easier and it adds a futuristic touch to things. 


We all use it every day. Chances are that you are using one right now. However if you go back a few decades people wouldn’t even have thought that these would be possible. There are sci-fi works from the 90s that feature these and here we are using touch screens for almost everything, from taking a selfie to using it as a marketing tool.


Freezing your body to be revived again in the future is a very popular idea in science fiction. Believe it or not there are real life facilities that make this a reality. They claim to slow down the process of death to a halt so that in a future where reviving the dead is possible, the bodies will be ready to come to life. 

Space Travel

Space travel is a huge theme in science fiction. Being in a time where there are jobs in which people travel to space is nothing short of amazing. On top of that scientists are working on ways to make space travel accessible for the masses. Ideas we’ve read such as colonising the moon is a very real possibility.


The idea for the satellite came straight out of a science fiction novel by the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke and it’s nothing short of amazing. Today satellites are used from military communications to business telephone solutions.

Mundane tasks such as sending a simple text message is possible thanks to these amazing inventions.