Choosing a good freight company is not the only thing you have to do in order to get your goods delivered safe and sound at their final destination, which might be either one of your own warehouses or a client who is early waiting for an answer from you. You also need to take care when choosing a mode of transportation for your goods. There are several things to take into consideration before making a decision: check out the following list for more details.CostCost is definitely one of the most important points when selecting a mode of transportation. Simply put, you need to be able to bear the expenses yourself, particularly if you need to make constant use of this type of services. Different firms may charge different fees for each type of transportation mode, but you will not find very large variations. So don’t expect to find cheap air freight at any reputed freighting company.Transit TimeHow long will your cargo just lay around while it is getting cleared by the container clearance agents Brisbane? You also need to take into account the time spent to move the cargo around, which happens often if you make use of multiple transportation modes to get your cargo delivered to your destination. Typically, transit times are longer with sea freight compared to transporting goods on the road or by train.Level of Cargo SafetyMost logistics firms take the necessary approaches in order to make their cargo deliveries as secure as possible, but that doesn’t mean that accidents due to human errors or equipment failures won’t occur. In fact, vehicles can get involved in accidents, thereby stranding them on the road. Your cargo can also get damaged, thereby affecting your business activities to a certain extent. SpeedIf delivery speed is a major concern for you, you will definitely have to forego maritime transport altogether, simply because it is the slowest mode of freight transportation out there, and it includes high transit times for customs clearance. For fast delivery over long distances, air freight is most likely your best bet, but rail transportation can also work if the deadlines are not too tight.Your Own RequirementsDifferent people have wildly varying requirements when it comes to the expected level of service they need out of the freight services they invested in. For example, a businessman who is the head of a food processing company might need trucks equipped with climate controlled containers, while a businessman who owns a glass manufacturing business will be extremely keen to minimize damage to glassware during the transportation process. So remember that there is a lot more to choosing a mode of transportation than just skimming through a list of basic requirements. Note down anything that might be of importance before making a decision.