Your employees are the assets of your business. Your business productivity increases with the hard work and dedication of your workers. Your workers or employees spend much time in the workplace i.e. in your organisation. So naturally, they spend more time with their colleagues and managers or bosses than their families. Thus, it is very important to have positive vibes in the workplace. No one will be able to work properly giving 100% effort in an environment of accusations, fear, hatred or anger. Also, too much interference of the higher level authority can create a disturbing and irritating scenario in the workplace. 

A thank you card or a hand written note to any employee works much more to motivate and appreciate them than employee rewards. Rewarding your employee is absolutely fine, but thanking them gives a feeling of doing something great for the company. It gives a feeling that they are also an important part of the company irrespective of their designations.It is true that all the staffs look forward for staff incentives, but personal thanks from the manager or boss or any higher level authority boost them to work even harder. It makes them feel important and gives a realization that you support them. They feel more encouraged hence will perform better.Ways great managers motivate their employees:-Communicate with your employee and ask for their suggestions for the betterment of the company. You will find to your wonder that they have so many ideas with them for your company’s betterment.

If any of your employees is having any issues in the workplace then take some time and speak with him or her personally. This initiative of yours will help them to open up and will ease your relations with your employees. So whenever you need them, you will see that they are ready to do all the possible work for you.

Give them a better environment to work with full of fun, food, refreshments, breaks, appreciations, feedbacks, encouragements and team work. You need to involve the employees while taking any decision, especially those decisions that will directly affect them.

Make them feel that the company belongs to them also and all of them are an important part of the company.

Thank them sincerely so that they can boost themselves to work even harder and can give their best.

Try to celebrate your employees’ success as well as their birthdays.

You can select a day and take your employees out for a lunch on behalf of the company. Arrange small get together for the employees and their families.