Previously made famous as the “Fragrant Harbor” – and now being popularized by the Government of Hong Kong as “Asia’s World City”; this city simply has a wonderful ability to adapt and embrace the accelerating globalization. This is also considered one of most livable cities of Asia.


Ready your resident Visa or the entry permit. This is mandatory to be considered as a ‘legal’ resident. If you will be spending a longer time there, educate yourself on the basic documents people carry around – like the Hong Kong Identity Card.

If your employer does not provide you with accommodation, figure out a way to finding a place for you to live in. do your bit of research on the indexes on cost of living to see how it will benefit you and your payroll company Hong Kong – compared to the living cost of your home country. Make sure your salary level is enough for you to live comfortably. It is also worthwhile to read about the taxations.

If you are moving with your children or you wish to pursue higher studies, check on the standards of pertaining to what studies you wish to follow, and how much it is going to cost you.


Make sure you hold your job visa Hong Kong or any other entry or permits along with approvals, endorsements or other supplementary documents to legalize your entry and stay.

Go ahead and arrange your Identity Card for Hong Kong as you need it to deal with banks and for other legal matters.

Get yourself a mobile phone, maybe a land line and also internet to make your daily life easy, do a bit of homework on where to score the best deals. Walk around, use public transport and roam around people. That is how you will learn and observe your new city. Do not always resort to using a taxi. Make friends.

Do not expect to know everything at once about how the city runs and is ruled, there are so many government departments and you will need time to get familiar. Be prepared to face challenges that are unforeseen but face them anyway.

Hong Kong comes in as the 3rd place for the most expensive metropolis to live-in in Asia, right after Tokyo and then Seoul. With the living cost primarily consisting of accommodation, paying for food items and education (if you happen to have children). Salary scales in Hong Kong for senior positions are almost always better compared to other countries. And employees are usually provided with ‘all-in’ packages from their company.