In the past teenagers use to spend all their time in the bowling alleys. That is because they did not have mobile phones and laptops to entertain them. However, even in this day and age, we see many teenagers going bowling. Therefore you can even consider it to be a time-honoured tradition. Thus, we understand that sometimes you may be hard pressed about planning a birthday celebration for your child. In that case, what you can do is plan a celebration that is centred on bowling. We understand that this is not something that you usually do. But it can be fun to arrange.


The birthday party venue would obviously be a bowling alley. But knowing this fact alone is not sufficient. Instead, you have to make sure you reserve a place. If you know how many guests are there then you would know how many alleys you can book. But we understand that some establishments do not allow you to book a large number of alleys. Therefore call them in advance to make sure. Furthermore, if the event is held on the weekend you will need to make a reservation ahead of time.

Food & Beverages

Ideally, teenagers would eat while they are bowling. But you can still find out whether there is a great gathering venue available at the alley. If so, then the teenagers would be able to hang out there after they are done with bowling. Furthermore, you also need to resolve the food situation. You need to determine whether you are allowed to bring any outside food to the establishment. We understand that you may be allowed to bring a cake. But other than bowling alleys would try to promote their in-house food. This normally includes pizzas, burgers and fries.  But you can still contact them to make sure. Furthermore, you should also make sure the birthday cake complements the event. This means a caked shaped like a bowling ball.


The invitations would obviously have to complement the theme of the event. Therefore you can either have them professionally made or use e-invites. However, you need to make sure to include all the information on the card. As this event is not held in your home make sure to state when it would end. This way you would not have to wait for hours for all the kids to be picked up.

Birthday celebrations centred on bowling may seem a bit traditional. However, it is still an enjoyable occasion. Furthermore, it would also be something that others would not think about.  Thus, you can guarantee they would have an enjoyable time.