A brand is a name or logo that sets your business and its product apart from the rest in the market. Brands stand for and represent something. In today’s world with consumers who are more aware than ever before brands have become important. Branding plays key part in a business strategy.

If we talk about PR and advertising theses are external factors that play in brand building and without a doubt important. However what can be often overlooked is internal brand strategy of Brand council.

Internal brand strategy translates into people. In an internal brand strategy your employee’s ‘live the brand’. That is they translate the brand into behavior.  The employees will live the brand and communicate if through various touch points to customers and partners. This will strengthen the brand and make clear in the mind of the stakeholders about what the brand is and what it stands for.

Values and Mission

Values and mission will give direction to your brand. It shows what the brand stands for and what it aims to be. It should be crystal clear to the employees what values and mission the brand holds. Communicate it clearly to the employees as it’s a crucial part of internal brand strategy. It will also give the employees a sense of purpose as they are not just doing their jobs to earn a wage but something greater.

Engage employees

Start engaging the employees. Once the employees have understood the values and mission they need to be engaged to start living the brand. The upper management should lead by example and encourage the employees to follow. Employees should be incentivized to perform and those who perform well can be made brand ambassadors.

For instance KPMG successfully engaged its employees with its 2014 ‘Purpose Program’ with the challenge ‘What my job means to me’. The company got 42000 thousand responses on its intranet with employees responding to what their job means to them. That year was the company’s most profitable year in over its 100 years history..

Create an internal brand identity and align it with the external

You external brand is the logo, colour, jingle etc. It’s what communicates the brand to the customers. Similar to external brand it is also important to create an internal brand. The internal brand will communicate to the employees and remind them of the brand’s value’s and purpose. It could be a tag line, logo or jingle. It should be noted that it is important to synchronize the internal brand with the external. It should not be the case that the external brand is communicating something opposite or completely different from the internal brand. This will make the internal brand strategy a failure.  

Keep the above steps in mind when formulating an internal brand strategy and give purpose and meaning to the most important assets of your firm that is your employees.